"Wed Tech" in 2018

Over the past several years, there have been a rush of "Wed-Tech" bridal brands championing new and innovative ways of selling bridal gowns. Try-on at home service, or the ability to purchase online, are great steps forward from the old, stagnant model that involves waiting for an appointment, waiting on a gown, waiting on alterations, etc., etc; the entire process lasting OVER A YEAR on average. We at Nuorikko are actually very excited that there is less rigidity in the bridal gown market in 2018, but I don't think, sexy as they may be, that some of these new concepts are really offering the "revolutionary" options they claim.

 "Its not just about the champagne..."

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There's a real argument for the benefit of having an exclusive appointment with an expert to help you with your purchase, and it's not just about the champagne. For this reason, those innovators and disruptors who are doing bridal differently aren't going far enough. It's truly nerve-racking to try to purchase your gown online knowing that it's not returnable, and while trying on wedding dresses in your own home is excellent fun, it's not really helpful for most brides, since they still don't know exactly which size, which options, which fabrics, etc. to choose in order to get the dress they truly want.

The Future of Bridal Lies Beyond the Internet

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So, clearly, the answer is a hybrid model, since there's a reason why the old standard bridal shop appointment with a stylist has been the norm for multiple decades. We see a bridal future that is a combination of offering all of the expertise and the one-on-one attention of a bridal stylist, with the flexibility, options, and accessibility of the internet. And what creates a true "Wed Tech" experience, if not the option to connect with your very own dedicated, virtual stylist who will not only work to understand exactly what it is about you, and your wedding, that is special, but will also help you to create exactly the gown that's right for your style and your budget.


You guessed it, this is the experience that we offer at Nuorikko. We've served clients throughout the U.S. who are looking for a more hands-on, design-focused experience. What's better, we're a design house, not a boutique, so we're cutting out the extremely long lead times and overhead that are the hallmark of traditional bridal, and creating a more immersive and personal experience than any other online brand currently offers.

Don't just shop for a wedding gown. Come see what it means to build your dream gown. Here's just a few reasons why:

Unique to You

When you have the experience of creating the gown you want, rather than just choosing the one that comes closest to it, you'll be the only bride out there who will wear the exact combination of styles in the way you choose to style them. If you see your gown on the bridal newsstand, it will be because you've had your wedding featured, not because you're wearing the same gown as another bride (or model)!

Fitted to You (Eliminating Alterations)

That's right. The process of mixing the right styles & sizes for your body, and then making adjustments so your garments are fitted specifically to you, completely eliminates alterations and all the stress, expense, fuss, and long waiting that alterations & tailoring ensues. Your gown is created for you, not taken apart and rebuilt to fit you after it arrives.

Easy & Stress-Free - A Dedicated Design Expert for Every Bride

Do you want to know something beautiful about the internet in 2018? It makes it easier to reach out for personal interaction and consultations than ever before! This means you get the expertise of a stylist trained in bridal design and fit, and they are there for your entire gown journey from start to finish. Show me the brick and mortar bridal boutique that can offer the same experience from 1st look to finished garment.

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Convinced? Great! Book your consultation today.

Not quite convinced...that's ok too. That consultation is free. ;) Check out the future of bridal gown shopping, and experience for yourself how freeing it is to combine the evolution of "Wed Tech" with the personal attention of a stylist in any location you like!


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