I'm going to tell you a story. This is a story that many of you who have ever gone wedding dress shopping for yourself or a friend have probably lived a version of. One that I've lived personally twice, and countless times through clients and friends. It goes something like this:

The Scenario:

Bridal Separates

You are shopping for your wedding dress! This will be one of the most exciting, fun, and special experiences of your life...right?

Perhaps you are a prepared bride, with a budget, some tear sheets of styles you know will suit you, and the realistic view that you may have to shop in a variety of stores and even online retailers to find a gown that meets your expectations. Conversely, perhaps you are not someone who loves to shop, or are overwhelmed at the thought of finding the one in a sea of seemingly unlimited options, someone who needs to find a stylist that you can trust to help guide you through the process.

The Problem:

What happens when your shopping experience doesn't live up to those expectations?

What if you live in an area where the designers you've been drooling over on your favorite websites aren't available, or the specific gown you thought was perfect has been discontinued or isn't stocked near you. What if you are willing to spend a decent amount of money, and want a gown that is not "mass market", but you also don't have the time, money, or desire to have a custom designer gown made for you? What if your bridal stylists don't "get you" or your personal style? What if you found a gown that you'd like to purchase online, but are afraid of committing to that non-refundable purchase without the opportunity to try it on and make sure that the size and style are right for you?

These are real situations that millions of brides have been faced with in their search for a wedding gown that flatters them, defines their style, and makes them feel special on their wedding day.

The Reality:

I have worked with brides for more than 10 years, and many of the clients who have come to me have said the same thing: "There are elements that I like in many different gowns, but I can't find one gown where every aspect is what I want."

It is not uncommon for a bride to decide to purchase the gown that gets closest to her ideal style, but its rare to find one that feels like her gown is truly perfect. Even if you are lucky enough to find a gown that checks all of your boxes, you are likely going to spend hundreds of dollars on alterations to make sure it fits and flatters your figure.

The Future:

So, what is a modern, discerning, savvy bride to do in this antiquated world of wedding retailers?

The future of the industry is bridal separates. By mixing a variety of shapes, fabrics, and details, the modern bride has much more input and the ability to include all of her desired aspects in one perfect bridal look. Why wouldn't you want the customizable options and mix-&-match sizing you need to truly create an individual style?

Modern Separates

This story was not just an in-depth look at an industry that desperately needs an update; I'm offering a solution. I'd like to introduce you to the newest concept in modern bridal: Nuorikko. We are a perfect example of a brand that gives you, the modern, discerning, and savvy consumer that you are, thousands of potential combinations to create a look that is yours alone. Our line is far more than just tops + bottoms. We have gone above and beyond to ensure you'll have many possible options for silhouettes and styles, dependent entirely on how you as an individual bride put your ideal look together. Best of all: it doesn't end with our product line; we also offer online stylist services and try-at-home sample delivery to help you get the best of both the online and boutique shopping experiences.

Nuorikko Bridal

Don't feel boxed in by the traditional wedding gown shopping options. Write your own story. Choose your own experience. Design your gown and showcase your individuality.

View the collection at www.nuorikko.com


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