Hey Nuorikko Fans!

Its been a minute since our last update, because we've been SO BUSY creating even more new and exciting things! I decided its past time I dropped some news about where Nuorikko is heading in 2018:


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I've heard from so many of you how wearable the 2018 collection is, and just how great it would be if it came in a broader range of colors. Now, I know that just because my wardrobe pretty much consists of greys and whites doesn't mean that we need to clothe the world in that exact same color palette (even if many of you still want to wear bridal white on your wedding day).

So, you asked, we answered.
The 2018 collection is officially available in black in EVERY style!

I know I heard a couple of insiders giggle with joy when I announced this update internally, and we know you'll find many occasions and ways to wear an all black ensemble, or even to mix it into your wedding wardrobe. Black is a major trend on the bridal runways, you know.

Stay tuned, as we head further down our development and design calendar. Future plans also include fashion capsules that will feature trending colors and exciting silhouettes that can be mixed with the main collection or worn as a statement piece for your very own fashion moment.

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Speaking of sense, let's talk about what we can do to better our world. Nuorikko is committed to empowering women globally through charities and outreach programs. We donate 5% of profits to support the social and economic empowerment of women throughout the world. Learn more and visit or donate to our charities.

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I know you have heard me mention we are a sustainable brand, made in the U.S. and using some pretty forward-thinking production methods. As a made-to-order collection, we are successfully merging technology with handmade aspects of slow fashion. Check out these links for more on the slow fashion movement, fashion tech, and why you should support Nuorikko and brands like us pushing a "less-is-more" ethos.

Click for Technology

Click for Slow Fashion

What makes a made-to-order line sustainable, you ask? Its simple, really.

With our innovative production model, known as mass customization, Nuorikko delivers a quality, personalized product in half the time of traditionally manufactured gowns through the use of efficient processes and technology in the cutting and sewing rooms. No garment is produced that doesn't have a verified buyer, so we are as low-waste as possible in our production and planning, which significantly reduces our global footprint compared to factory produced brands. We are creating beautiful, premium products - but not at the expense of our earth.

We envision a future where the apparel industry as a whole can generate less waste and use more sustainable methods & materials. Nuorikko is at the forefront of innovation in the apparel industry with these sustainable and responsible practices, making us the first bridal brand to deliver a quality, made-to-order gown using modern production methods. Our brides get a better experience and a better product, and we reduce our footprint, have better control over our supply chain, and deliver a premium product at an affordable price.


Whoa, now there's a label, you say?

Well, yes, it does have some panache, now that you mention it. But "Eco Couture" is more to Nuorikko than just a PR schtick. As we continue to search for ways to ensure we are as thoughtful and low-waste as possible, we came up with something that is THE Haute Modern of recycled fashion:

This Spring, we will introduce a line of ultra-premium gowns featuring couture techniques and hand tailoring - made from the scraps off the cutting room floor!

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Each piece will be truly one-of-a-kind, and made in modern ateliers in Denver and Los Angeles. Its one thing to talk about sustainability as a fashion brand, and its another to actively take steps to reduce or eliminate the waste we put into our ecosystem. I can't wait to show you how beautiful recycled fashion can be.



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