With all the myriad options in the world of bridal fashion, you might be wondering why Nuorikko is jumping into what is surely already an over-saturated market. As CEO, designer, and chief ideator behind a truly unique concept, I'm here to tell you about my why.


To start, let's look at "Nuorikko". That's [noo ree KO] and it's Finnish for "bride", Korean for “Female”, and Japanese for “Ceremony”. Our entire concept and aesthetic is inspired by a modern, minimal approach to customized design that puts our modern girl customer and what is most important to her at the center of our brand. It is very obvious that our mix-&-match line is different than a lot of what you will see on the market, and there is definitely a minimalist, European influence in design, but it goes much deeper than that. Each garment, our sales platforms, and our manufacturing processes have all been designed specifically to allow our brides access to the individuality in style they desire, as well as the level of service and options that suits them best. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me take you down a portion of my journey to building Nuorikko:

A Bride's Concerns:

Look at any bridal magazine, blog, advertisement, or other source of information aimed at today's bride and it is obvious the question that most brands are striving to answer:

"How will this dress make me feel?"

Nuorikko Bride

This is of course one of the biggest concerns a bride has when shopping for her dress, but it is not necessarily the most important. There is another, even more relevant question that is inextricably linked to the bride's desire to embody a certain feeling on her wedding day; one that can make or break a dress purchase. This second question poses a logistical issue that goes almost completely unaddressed by the entire wedding gown industry:

"How will dress this look on me??"

Nuorikko Bride

I know, that seems like its too obvious. Don't you just go try on a few dresses, and pick the best one? I wish it were that easy, but the actual process looks a bit more like this:

  1. Try on sample-size dresses, in whatever style happens to be stocked by a given boutique. Have these dresses clipped onto your body with the type of tool that is usually reserved for clamping building materials together. Try to envision how that dress will actually look in your size without the encumbrance of jumbo clips.

  2. Give a non-refundable deposit on a dress that you think is the "one". Wait 6 or more months for delivery of the dress in your size.

  3. Receive a dress that looks close to the one you tried on in store. Realize that even though this dress is supposed to be your size, it has been made for the physiological equivalent of a barbie doll.

  4. Call a tailor to have it re-made to fit a real person.

  5. Hopefully you are still satisfied with the dress and it does give you the feeling you originally experienced when you saw it for the first time.

The lucky brides do make it to Step 5, but there are no small number who hit a snag or two somewhere in the middle of the process.

Changing the Bride's Experience

I've heard from countless brides how frustrating it is to be able to find elements of the perfect gown, but not "the one", or how maddening it is to try to get a gown to fit their body without losing some of what made it special to begin with.

Needless to say, the industry is in need an update.

There is a better way to shop for, design, and purchase your wedding look, not to mention how incredibly obvious it is that a wedding dress should be made with a modern, average consumer's body in mind, not using the same standards that have prevailed since the 1980's (sad, but its true). Brides are wising up to this injustice, but the industry is slow to react. This New York Times article is a great opinion piece on the trend.


Our Mission

Not every bride has the option of going custom, or the vision to create a gown from scratch. Most brides simply want better options and the ability to find a style they feel beautiful and comfortable in. Nuorikko seeks to bring some of the best elements of the custom design process to the mass market, creating an experience that has room for individual style and different body types, but is much simpler and less time consuming (not to mention less expensive) than having a custom gown made.

Nuorikko's mission is to give the bride the tools and options to make personalizing the perfect wedding gown an easier endeavor. We give her the ability to build her own gown using our mix-&-match separates, and tailor the fit to her body type using modern processes in U.S.-based manufacturing. The result is a customized gown without the hassle.

Why Now?

The apparel industry is moving ahead, and creating well-fitting, customizable gowns is absolutely achievable. I believe the only reason an option like this is not available on the market is that the bridal gown industry is so niche that its been incredibly easy for it to stagnate.

Nuorikko Bride

Let's move this industry forward. Help me get the word out:

Nuorikko is YOUR style, elevated:
A new experience, giving you the ability to create her own look with personality, intention, and individual style.




Photo Credit: Autumn Rose Photography