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Who We Are


Nuorikko was created to bridge the gap between luxury products & the modern consumer. We exist to make it effortless to purchase beautiful, premium goods at an accessible price. Each product is made to order without the upcharges and waste associated with most luxury brands.

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Custom Design for the Modern Girls


Nuorikko started with one mission: to guarantee fit and eliminate unnecessary markups in luxury apparel.

We obsessively re-engineered womenswear to provide modern girls with a custom-made wardrobe that fits - fits your body, fits your personality, and fits your lifestyle. By engaging directly with you, our client, we are eliminating the traditional markups associated with middle-men and manufacturers, which means we can provide our clients with a custom wardrobe at a better price than anyone else in the luxury business.


We Believe

that a collection can be both timeless and edgy.

We Believe

that quality and affordability are not mutually exclusive.

We Believe

that sustainable production is more important than high units or quick sales.

We Believe

in every woman’s uniqueness, and her right to celebrate it.


Sustainably Made in the U.S.

We reject traditional manufacturing and endeavor to reduce throwaway culture by thoughtfully designing and producing high-quality custom-made clothing that fits your lifestyle. Our products are more than made-to-fit — they’re made to last.

All of our products are exclusively manufactured in the U.S. We are actively promoting technology based, sustainable manufacturing, and employing talented artisans and craftsmen in Denver and Los Angeles to make our products.

Meet the Founder

“When I got married, I ended up designing my own gown because I was frustrated by the lack of options and the less-than-stellar shopping experience that has been the norm in the bridal industry for far too long. Seeing how stagnant it was, I set out to bring some freshness to the bridal business. As a designer, as an innovator, I believe I have a duty and an obligation to use what I know [about the apparel industry] to make this world a better place. Nuorikko began as an outlet for a personal frustration. It was a way for me to design some bridalwear that I’d actually want to wear, but as I’ve crafted the ideas and standards behind the brand, its taken on greater importance in the realm of apparel manufacturing & social responsibility.
I want to empower today’s bridal consumers to be able to create their own look, while maintaining the smallest footprint possible. Nuorikko is doing this by engineering a bridal line of endlessly wearable, premium mix-&-match separates, using unique fabrics and garments designed and manufactured in the U.S. Not only do you get to create your own bridal look, you get to choose your experience, as well, even extending your styling possibilities beyond the wedding day.

All of our pieces are made to order ensuring individuality and truer sizing than any other option available on the market, and delivered in just 8-11 weeks—half the time of our competitors. Nuorikko is evolving the bridal gown and is the first and only brand of it’s kind to use these manufacturing and design techniques. Welcome to the future of bridal.
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Founder & CEO
Kaitlyn Thomas